Goodman & Goodman, LLC provides services to clients in many industries
including manufacturing, wholesale, professional and service, construction,
retail, finance, health care and non-profit.

We serve businesses
located in many states:
  • Manufacturers;
  • Wholesalers of commercial and industrial equipment, apparel, fuel
    oil and gasoline;
  • Real estate developers, as well as owners and property managers of
    office buildings, apartments, warehouses and shopping centers;
  • Technology;
  • Retailers of home improvement supplies, materials and fixtures;
  • Restaurants and travel agents;
  • General contractors and sub-contractors;
  • Professionals including attorneys, consultants, marketers,
    designers, interior decorators, physicians and dentists;
  • Non-profit organizations including trust funds, foundations and health
    care concerns; and
  • Investment companies.

Our experience in applying sound business principles in a variety of industry
environments and hands-on familiarity with government regulations are an
added benefit to our clients.
Our Clients
Goodman & Goodman, LLC
Certified Public Accountants