We adhere to a basic philosophy of hard work, dedication to our clients and
professional growth,
and we offer exemplary career opportunities for
individuals ready to join a winning team.

We are always looking for qualified professionals to augment our team of
accounting experts. If you are looking to join a firm dedicated to outstanding
client support and professional growth, please contact us at:

Goodman & Goodman, LLC maintains a policy of recruiting, hiring, training
and promoting based solely on an individual's qualifications without regard
to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, sexual orientation or
handicap.  We provide equal employment opportunity to all persons.  
Discrimination does not exist in any personnel action such as recruiting or
advertising for employment, hiring, scheduling, promotion, compensation,
performance evaluation, benefits, selection for professional education,
transfer, or termination.

Employment Opportunities and Training
Goodman & Goodman, LLC
Certified Public Accountants